Interactive movie takes viewers on a whimsical experience of Norman’s art scene

In partnership with local Norman businesses and art galleries, The Walker Arts District Branching Narrative Extravaganza is an interactive movie showcasing the local arts community, allowing viewers to control the narrative’s outcome. Filmmaker Dennis Spielman conceived the project during the pandemic as a unique adventure for people but delayed the movie for safety concerns.

The movie’s story follows Jordan (played by Rick Lockett), whose date, Avery (played by Sarah Fenner King), takes unexpected twists and turns as two time-travelers alter the outcome of their choices. With 13 scenes to watch and six different endings to discover, participants can enjoy a one-of-a-kind adventure tailored to their decisions. Locations include MAINSITE Contemporary, Apple Tree Chocolate, Michelnagelo’s Coffee and Wine Bar, the Norman art alley, Resonator, The Depot, and more.

Jordan is invited by Cody to join him for some tea with some mysterious birds (Movie Still)

Erinn Gavaghan, Executive Director of the Norman Arts Council, praised the experience, saying, “I remember ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books I read as a kid. I absolutely LOVED them! Dennis Spielman and The Show Starts Now have taken the spirit of those childhood treasures and turned them into a brilliant way to choose your adventure through the Walker Arts District, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! The Norman Arts Council gives a HUGE thank you to the team for this creative and fun marketing of the Arts in Norman.”

Initially launched as a game where visitors scanned QR codes on posters throughout the district, The Show Starts Now has expanded access to the interactive short film by making it available on their YouTube channel. Now, people from anywhere can embark on an adventure in Downtown Norman and explore the Walker Arts District’s unique charm.

Sarah King, who plays Avery in the film, shared her excitement for the project: “As a lifelong resident of Norman and lover of the Arts, I’m excited to show off our cool town and the many opportunities available for arts, fun, and chaos! I hope this project helps people discover some hidden Norman gems they may not have visited before.”

Join the adventure and explore the Walker Arts District through this innovative online experience now available on The Show Starts Now YouTube channel. The movie starts with Jordan and Avery at MAINSITE Contemporary Art. Avery shows an unimpressed Jordan the exhibit of ONE: Mashup, part of the Norman Arts Council’s yearly fundraiser event. At the end of each scene, the video presents a choice of where to continue next. Select the following location until reaching one of six different conclusions.


Sarah Fenner King as Avery

Rick Lockett as Jordan

Cody Giles as self

Leslie Spielman as Tea Time Birds

Erin Gavaghan as Loki

Kelsey Mourant as Raven

Shari Jackson as self

Chase Spivey as The Monster

Sheryl Martin as self

Curtis Jones as self

Lessa Keller-Kenton as The Eye of Art



Produced and Directed by Dennis Spielman

Camera / Sound / Editing by Lessa Keller-Kenton

Gaffer by Chase Spivey

Time travelers Loki (played by Erinn Gavaghan) and Raven (played by Kelsey Mourant) reset time (Movie Still)